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New Protocol? + Connection Problems in China : VyprVPN All the UDP ports they use are obvious VPN ones that get blocked by great firewall and are also blocked on public hotspots in the rest of the world as well so you can't even use the service. I have a year long subscription but could barely even use it and just went with VPN that supports the TCP connection, especially port 80 and 443. TCP 22, TCP 222, TCP 80, TCP 443, UDP 443, UDP 1194, UDP 15001-20000 (optional), UDP 25001-30000 (optional) Optional ports listed are the ranges for OpenVPN and Chameleon in our VyprVPN apps when using Automatic port selection. Have an idea to make VyprVPN, Dump Truck or Cyphr even better? Allow VPN over ports 80 (http) and 443 (https). Being able to set port from web console is best Note: These are basic rules.Feel free to customize access as you see fit. For example, if you wanted to be able to access the VyprVPN Cloud admin panel from other IPs, add in more Custom TCP Rules for port 222 using the IPs from which you want to allow access.

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Erforderliche Port-Weiterleitung für VyprVPN Server-Setup

Jun 09, 2020