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How to access file present in network shared drive I mean that network shared drive access in GetFTP not worked.For FTP server port is 21 that is configured GetFTP processor.But network shared drive ports are 139,445.In your answer you have specified 21 port in GetFTP. That's why i said FTP processor not … Can't access network drive Solved - Windows 10 Forums Feb 17, 2019

Apr 09, 2020 · Access a Shared Drive. Known as the "M" or "S" drives, these are accessible from both on and off campus. If you are connecting from off-campus, you must first connect via a VPN connection. Server Addresses

Please describe the EIT services or computers you require access to: (Print) Resource Justification NWRDC VPN (e.g. Access to Peoplesoft Instances) EIT VPN (e.g. Access to J drive) WIN Drive/Shared Folder/Other 1. 2. 3. Please describe the computer you wish to use to connect to the VPN service: Computer type: (e.g. Desktop/Laptop/Server)

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Request a shared S:Drive. To create an S: Drive for you and your team, submit a request to the Service Desk by phone, email or online. Digital storage options at Monash. Monash offers digital storage options to staff and students – from user-empowered access to mediated support through Service Desk, eResearch Centre or Library. Store photos and docs online. Access them from any PC, Mac or phone. Create and work together on Word, Excel or PowerPoint documents. Windows OS allows multiple devices to be connected over a common wireless or wired network and share and access files between them. The following tutorial will help you to access shared folders on Windows 10 using Network services. Steps To Access Shared Folder On Windows 10 And Share Files With Other PCs. 1.