Amazon EC2 Instance Comparison

How to Change or Upgrade an EC2 Instance Type | Logicata Jun 26, 2020 Amazon EC2 Instance Comparison 160 rows Upgrade an AWS free tier EC2 t2.micro instance to t2.medium First I will need to upgrade my Free tier EC2 instance to be able to install MongoDB 3.2 and power more local processing. Upgrading will also give me more processing power to run local scripts (instead of hosting them in Singapore on Digital Ocean). How to upgrade a t2.micro to t2.medium How to Increase Disk Size For an EC2 instance on AWS | by

26/10/2018 · Go to Services -> EC2 -> Instances Check the instance you want to add more disk space and click on the Actions button as shown below and Stop the instance from running. Now that you have stopped

May 19, 2013

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Today we are going to look at what it takes to get a 12c database instance up and running in Amazon EC2. Note that this is different than our previous posts on getting Standard Edition running on Amazon and running Enterprise Edition running on Amazon RDS.We are going to take the traditional approach as if we were installing the database on a virtual image like VMWare, HyperV, or OracleVM.