Mar 09, 2020

The good news for extension fans is that, unlike Chrome on Android, Kiwi Browser supports the installation of desktop Chrome extensions with ease. Download Kiwi Browser from the Google Play Store to get started. Related: 7 of the Best Add-ons for Firefox for Android. Searching for Chrome Extensions How to Install Chrome Extension on Android and iOS Install Chrome browser extension on Android and iOS mobile and use it as a pro as you use it on your computer. This article will explain about a browser which actually supports and allows you to install all Chrome extension on mobile version of Google Chrome browser. How to Install Chrome Extensions on an Android Browser chrome kiwi android extension browser smartphone. 9. 5. Image: Google. If you’ve ever sat on your laptop or desktop and wondered why you can’t use all your fun browser extensions on your How to use Google Chrome to Phone extension - CNET

Sep 19, 2018

May 16, 2019

Google doesn't support Chrome extensions on Android and they never will because of adblock. large number of internet users are on mobile so Google ain't gonna release extensions support on their mobile browser. you can try Firefox which is open so

How to Run Android apps in your Chrome browser on any PC