Switching from Mac to a Windows PC: 10 tips to ease your

Sep 15, 2018 · File > Options in PowerPoint for Windows is the Mac equivalent of PowerPoint > Preferences. Be sure the check box is checked for PowerPoint designer. Editor: It doesn't look to me like this is turned on, yet. Smart Lookup: That's working with right-click on a word. Translator: That's working, too, also from right-click. Auto-Alt Text The Option key is labelled Alt on a Mac keyboard. And the 'Apple key' is what some of us call the Command or Cmd key on a Mac keyboard. That's essentially what you need to know. Jul 08, 2016 · How to Change Your Mac’s Language and Region Settings Matt Klein @howtogeek July 8, 2016, 12:34pm EDT If you want to use your Mac in a different language, or you’re live in a different region, then you can change it in OS X. Oct 27, 2016 · File - Options - Advanced But that is NOT a menu item in the Office for Mac applications. My latest simple request is to Blank Cells in Excel that have a Zero Value. I realize I can set up a conditional formula for this, but it is simply an option in Office for Windows.


Oct 25, 2017 · Windows 8 and 10 consolidate various boot options into a single screen named the “Advanced Options” menu. This menu provides access to repair tools and options for changing Windows startup behavior—such as enabling debugging, booting into safe mode, and launching into a recovery environment. Mar 23, 2019 · Your Mac will now restart, and you'll be brought right back to macOS. To get back to Windows 10, and indeed another way to switch from Windows 10 to macOS, is to restart your Mac and hold down the Option key on your keyboard until a boot menu appears. From here, you can choose which OS to load. Apr 24, 2020 · For booting Windows on an (U)EFI-based computer, the Windows version must match the PC architecture, that means a 64-bit (U)EFI-based computer can only boot 64-bit versions of Windows and a 32-bit (U)EFI-based computer can only boot 32-bit versions of Windows. Mac computers use 64-bit Intel CPUs, so make sure you use 64-bit Windows to create

下載 Logitech Options 以提高您的工作生產力

2020-5-18 · 标准许可中小环境 企业许可计划 大环境及企业 许可模型 永久(1次性购买) 安装于 Windows 服务器上 许可连接服务器的最高数量客户端 每一个“客户端”支持一台 Mac 计算机和一个移动装置用户(每个用户最多可容纳三台移动装置)。 1 年订购 可安装在不限数量的服务器上 Logitech Options 在 Mac 下的自定义按键经常会失 … 2019-6-11 · macOS - @xin1284 - 机器是 2018 mac mini,鼠标是 anywhere2s,Logitech Options 版本 7.12.82使用 Logitech Options 自定义了很多快捷键,一般是好用的 Logitech Options Software Download for Windows, Mac Logitech Options is a Software or Driver made by Logitech, used to Setup Mouse and Keyboard specifically for the Wireless category, there are many features in this Software, and you can download it for Free and Can also be for Windows 10, 8, 7, and Mac. Logitech Options. Logitech Keyboard Options Utility; Logitech Mouse Options Utility How to Run Windows on a Mac | PCMag