Armed with knowing which features to look for, below is a round up of the best routers for Xbox LIVE. Best Routers for Xbox LIVE ♠ D-Link DIR-855 (Xtreme N Duo Media Router) Duo™ feature – Dual Band router connects to both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz band at the same time; Displays network settings and data rate with OLED display (Network Activity

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The router will not need any additional setup (No portforwarding needed), to allow communication from your games console:XBOX or XBOX360 to the XBOX Live! online service. If possible, try your setup both wired and wireless, using thelatest firmware for your router/gateway. These products have been successfully tested with XBOX andXBOX360. DGL-4300 XBOX Live NAT Issue - Cisco Community I recently purchased the new Cisco Valet Plus (M20) router. Trying to get all the settings created for my xbox. I created a static IP address for the xbox and opened the following ports: 53 Both. 80 TCP. 88 UDP . 3074 Both. And enabled the UPnP. After all this I still receive the NAT issue when I test the XBOX Live …