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Can I use a VPN to hide iPhone tethering It would not work since the connection goes through the provider's network on the way to the VPN endpoint. The way that tethering has been implemented on most smart phones reports to the provider whether the destination connection is on the device (i.e not tethered) or on another device via NAT (i.e

How to Set Up A IKEv2 VPN on iPad / iPhone | 5. Take over the settings from the screenshot and set as "Description": VPN and select a server in the members area and put the alternative server address as "Server". Enter your credentials at "Account" and "Password". The "Remote ID" is: VPNChoose Server iPhone app includes hidden tethering | Computerworld An iPhone developer has acknowledged that a recent update to one of his apps includes the hidden ability to tether the smartphone to a laptop, circumventing carrier fees for the service.