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Note the following additional information about creating and displaying persistent routes: View the current state of the routing table by using your regular user account. % netstat -rn. The output would be similar to the following Become an administrator. (Optional) Flush the existing entries in Solaris route command - Softpanorama Use the "route add net" command with the -netmask option to make the route command to take the netmask specified on the command line. route add net 1 -netmask Add a default route: route add default solaris 10 route add on specific interface - Server Fault The solaris route syntax is the follewing: route [-fn] add | delete | get [net|host|default] [destination] [gateway] So you command looks like this: route add -interface hme1

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adding routes in Solaris - Unix /etc/defaultrouter normally for putting in the defaulrtouter or default gateway. if your want to add other routes example the command to add routes is /usr/sbin/route add net /usr/sbin/route add host normally we create a file called S99routeadd, chmod 755 to it and place it under /etc/rc3.d so that everytime it reboots and system comes up it will autorun … How to Add / Change / Delete route in solaris10 on Mar 20, 2014

add it to the global zone and it'll be accessible to the local zone AngelicaX via solaris-l wrote: Posted by AngelicaX on 01/03/2008 12:35:00 PM

Add route Solaris 10 - Computer How To To add a route in Solaris 10 you will need to use the route command. Here is an example: route add -netmask -ifp nge1 This will route any traffic going to through the nge1 interface. Beginners Guide to Solaris 11 Network Administration – The Configuring Persistent Routes. You use the route command to manually manipulate the network routing tables. The use of the –p option with the route command makes the changes persistent across reboots. You cannot manage routes by using the /etc/defaultrouter file because it is deprecated in Oracle Solaris 11. 1. Add a persistent route to a system: Solaris UNIX Add Static Routes - nixCraft Feb 21, 2008