(Almost) stupid easy PHP integration with Active Directory

In Active Directory, this simply involves assigning the necessary privileges to a user. If you haven't done so already, I'd like to recommend creating a new user which will be used specifically for PHP-initiated connections. For the purposes of this article, I'll call that user "ad-web." (Almost) stupid easy PHP integration with Active Directory Out of the box it is configured to work with Active Directory on Azure but, though I haven’t tested it, you can provide a different configuration object to the primary adapter and you should be able to authenticate against any Active Directory implementation as long as it has OAuth2 connectivity. There are two purposes (well, three) for library. PHP Active Directory LDAP Single Sign-On - Overview Download PHP Active Directory LDAP Single Sign-On 1.0.0. Overview. The web.config file in the "custom" folder will disable anonymous authentication for login.php, so we'll be relying on (pass-thru) Windows Auth at that point. Set permissions on login.php on your IIS server to include your helpdesk users (i.e., "Domain Users"). Authenticate PHP with Azure Active Directory

A PHP example of how to get data from Active Directory via

If the ldapcron.php script is executed without any options, the imported users and selected departments and groups will be synchronized for all workspaces.. Note: The Advanced LDAP plugin takes roughly an hour to import 20,000 new users from LDAP and 25 minutes to update 20,000 user profiles from LDAP, so it is recommended to use the +force option to prevent problems with large authentication Aug 23, 2013 · Download PHP LDAP class for Active Directory for free. A class for PHP to talk to Active Directory through LDAP. A class for PHP to talk to Active Directory through LDAP. Seeking for guidance on the subject as I'm really stuck on this, I have a internal URL for an App made on PHP and I want to connect to Azure Active Directory. So far I've reviewed an example from Microsoft using SimpleSAML but it's really outdated and I'm having troubles adapting it for the newer SimpleSAMl code.

PHP authentication with Active Directory / LDAP

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