Currently FoxyProxy Basic has no way to associate patterns (e.g. domains to proxy) with chosen proxies. Flag. Developer response posted 6 months ago. The screenshots are from FoxyProxy Standard. If you need patterns, please use Standard instead of Basic. Thanks for the 1-star review because screenshots are for me other, nearly identical add-on.

HellFawker's guide to configure Firefox, FoxyProxy and i2p HellFawker's guide to configure Firefox, FoxyProxy and i2p/tor. First you must have I2P and TOR downloaded and setup to your machines OS and specifications, then proceed to : download Firefox browser and FoxyProxy extension : How to use i2p with foxyproxy on tor browser bundle How To: Use Zero-Width Characters to Hide Secret Messages in Text (& Even Reveal Leaks) ; How To: Hack Android Using Kali (Remotely) ; How To: Find OSINT Data on License Plate Numbers with Skiptracer ; How To: 4 Ways to Crack a Facebook Password & How to Protect Yourself from Them ; How To: Clear the Logs & History on Linux Systems to Cover Your Tracks & Remain Undetected PirateBrowser Review | PCMag Aug 14, 2013

PirateBrowser is a custom Firefox version with Tor and

[SOLVED] Fedora 12 | Tor | FoxyProxy | Privoxy | Virtual Jun 25, 2012 Tor + FoxyProxy

Upon Firefox restarts, the addon will ask you some configuration questions and automatically make Tor work for you. Now through the FoxyProxy option, you can specify which website to be visited with Tor proxy. CHECKING IF ITS WORK. To see if your Tor is working, first visit this site without using FoxyProxy:

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